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Development Management, Hospitality projects, and Local Law 11 compliance, and explore a range of specialized services tailored to your unique needs

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Ground-Up DevelopmentAdaptive ReuseAdvisory / Due Diligence

Ground-Up Development

Ground-Up development projects come with high financial stakes, where strategic decision-making can significantly impact the bottom line.

Developers often grapple with balancing ambitious project scopes against stringent budget constraints, all while navigating complex funding mechanisms. Adding to these challenges is the task of coordinating a high number of consultants, each a specialist in their field, which can be a time-consuming and demanding process.

Greenlight can help execute the long term vision by providing comprehensive program oversight, cost-benefit analysis, and effective team management.

Adaptive Reuse

In adaptive reuse projects, clients frequently grapple with challenges like assessing the viability of repurposing old structures, navigating complex regulatory and compliance issues, and managing the unpredictability of renovation costs and timelines.

Concerns about maintaining the integrity of the original structure while meeting modern standards can be daunting. These pain points often overshadow the project’s potential, creating apprehension about the transformation of historical or underused spaces into functional, contemporary assets.

Greenlight can provide the expert guidance and support needed to navigate these complexities, ensuring a smooth transformation of these spaces into valuable assets.

Advisory / Due Diligence:

Whether you need comprehensive guidance or just a bit of expert advice to realign your project, we provide the insights and strategies necessary to steer your development back on track.

If necessary, Greenlight can prepare detailed due diligence reports for Owners and Developers, particularly for projects that are either in their initial stages or experiencing stalled or transitional phases. 

Our comprehensive risk assessment covers team competency, the status of entitlement and permitting, and contract reviews for design consultants and construction managers. We also focus on adapting logistics and sequencing to meet the unique challenges of each project stage, alongside a critical examination of budget and schedule projections.

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ExperientialFood & BeverageFitness / Gym


A client aiming to transform a space into a new experiential venue concept may face the challenge of pioneering a unique idea with the intricate challenge of seamlessly blending theatrical and artistic elements into the overall experience. These elements can encompass everything from stage and lighting design to immersive art installations and interactive performances. 

Coordinating and managing these artistic components is crucial to delivering a memorable and cohesive experience for patrons. This entails the need for creative problem-solving, cost-effective design solutions, and resourceful strategies to ensure the project’s viability and success in a competitive market.

Food & Beverage

One of the most difficult projects someone can undertake is the renovation of a new restaurant. Concerns often revolve around potential budget overruns, unexpected delays impacting opening dates, and the critical need to align the restaurant’s design with the culinary vision. These concerns underscore the delicate balance restaurateurs must maintain during construction.

Greenlight Consulting can provide restaurateurs with a sense of control and empower them to navigate construction confidently. 

Greenlights proactive risk mitigation strategies ensure setbacks are identified and addressed promptly, allowing restaurateurs to transform their vision into reality with reduced stress.

Fitness / Gym

The construction of a fitness center or gym often poses significant challenges related to space layout, specialized flooring, and ventilation systems.

With Greenlight Consulting’s support, you can navigate the intricacies of gym construction with precision, ultimately leading to a successful and well-constructed fitness center that meets industry standards and exceeds member expectations.

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Facade RestorationLocal Law 11

Façade Restoration

Amid the grandeur of historical buildings, facade restoration projects often unfold as tales of both reverence and intricate challenges. These endeavors are marked by the commitment to preserve the building’s historical essence while addressing the wear and tear of time. 

Greenlight Consulting excels in navigating these complexities by selecting materials, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing budgets efficiently. Our expertise guarantees that historical authenticity is preserved, and structural soundness is maintained, resulting in a successful facade restoration project.

Local Law 11

NYC’s Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP) mandates that owners of buildings higher than six stories must have exterior walls and appurtenances inspected every five years and a technical FISP report must be electronically filed with the Department of Buildings through DOB Now: Safety.

Greenlight Consulting stands as the trusted guide through this maze, adept at deciphering the complexities and ensuring that buildings remain secure, compliant, and financially sound.

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In the realm of school construction projects, challenges form a narrative that centers on student safety, infrastructure upgrades, regulatory compliance, and financial constraints. The paramount concern is ensuring the safety of students, entailing vigilance over structural integrity, safety protocols, and emergency readiness. 

Aging infrastructure emerges as a key subplot, demanding modernization within budget limitations. Compliance with educational standards and building codes adds complexity. 

Greenlight Consulting steps in as a trusted partner, offering expertise in student safety, infrastructure upgrades, compliance, and budget management. Together, we assist educational institutions in navigating this multifaceted narrative, creating safe, modern, and compliant learning environments for all.







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The first tenant of 901 Broadway, an 1870 commercial building near Union Square was Lord and Taylor. When the store moved in 1914, the picturesque French Second Empire property was used for manufacturing and retail at the ground floor. After years of deterioration, this project has restored the decorative cast iron and the slate roof. The signature pavilion at the corner of 20th Street and Broadway now welcomes visitors to Brooks Brothers on the lower floors, and mixed-use residential and office space on the upper levels.

Lucy G. Moses Preservation AwardThe New York Landmarks Conservancy