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Construction is in progress for a new apartment building at 8 Chester Ave. in downtown White Plains. The development is led by the Keeler Markwood Group, a real estate development firm founded by Matthew Tritt and Sam Dickinson. The four-story building will feature 74 workforce housing units and 40 parking spaces, with nine units designated as affordable housing. White Plains Mayor Tom Roach highlighted the project’s contribution to the city’s diverse housing options.

“The building will provide needed apartments … and offers sustainable features including 75 kilowatts of solar electric generation on the rooftop, installation of numerous electric vehicle charging stations, and a high efficiency electric heat pump system, which will be used to provide heating and cooling throughout the building,” Roach said.

The developer sought financial incentives from Westchester’s Industrial Development Agency (IDA), estimating the project cost at $21,816,266. The building will consist of 73 studio apartments and one two-bedroom unit for the building superintendent. The IDA projected total tax benefits of $1,378,392.

The IDA described the project as a value proposition, aiming to offer rental opportunities at a more affordable price point compared to luxury housing in White Plains. The focus is on providing a cost-effective option with amenities such as a rooftop deck/lounge, bicycle storage, and a laundry room. The goal is to offer savings of $500-$700 per month compared to similar newly constructed apartments, prioritizing cost-conscious renters.

Initially proposed in January 2018, the project involved the demolition of two former homes at 6 and 8 Chester Ave. to make way for a 10,000-square-foot medical office building. The proximity to White Plains Hospital made a healthcare facility desirable. At the groundbreaking ceremony, Sam Dickinson expressed pride in bringing high-quality, attractively-priced housing to the heart of White Plains’ dining and entertainment district. Matthew Tritt conveyed gratitude to the City of White Plains and Westchester County for their support in realizing the project.