901 Broadway:

Greenlight was awarded a Lucy G Moses Preservation Award for their work at 901 Broadway in the Flatiron District.
Originally home to the flagship Lord and Taylor department store, during the heyday of the Ladies Mile retailers, the major aspect of the “901 Broadway” development was the complete restoration of the cast iron façade and slate mansard roof. This included extensive Structural repairs, the Restoration of All decorative elements, Decorative Railings, and the complete Painting of the building. A holistic plan with an integrated schedule was carefully developed to carryout the activities and ensure smooth progress throughout the project.
Before that, Greenlight carried out the complete renovation of the 3rd floor interior, a partial refurbishment of the 4th floor interior, and several waterproofing works, including a major repair of the sidewalk and vault. After the exterior work was completed, we also carried out a complete renovation of the 5th floor and of the interior common stairwell and elevator cab. Paying attention to details and quality work was fostered through continuous follow-up on the special needs of such project.